‘I am a good bully’

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Exodus says German vehicles such as this BMW X5 are worth their cost.

Exodus says German vehicles such as this BMW X5 are worth their cost. PHOTOS BY EDGAR BATTE 

By Edgar.R.Batte

Posted  Thursday, March 20   2014 at  02:00

In Summary


Worst blunder on the road..
I have been involved in quite a few but on the last day at the driving school, my instructor was so confident and let me drive the whole way without his instructions. Unfortunately, before our final turn I rammed into a country diplomat’s Land Cruiser. I was so terrified. We came out of the car and this white lady driving came out, looked at me and said, “Young man, next time be very careful.” And after saying that, she drove off. Phew, I was relieved.

Worst driving experience....
It was around Easter season last year. I was driving with my whole crew and family, heading to Kitgum, where we take care of 10,000 ex-child soldiers, under the Irene Gleeson Foundation. As we approached Nakasongola, a bull from nowhere crossed the road and I hit it head-on. The van I was driving was written off but I thank God we came out unharmed.

Briefly introduce yourself
I am a faith-based simple and down to earth gospel and inspirational artiste known by stage name Exodus.

What is your real name?
George Timothy Lubega

What car do you drive?
BMW X5. I have other cars too.

Which model year is this BMW?
It was made in 2006.

Did you ever dream of driving this car?
No, not at all. I never dreamt about cars. We were so poor that the poor people called us poor so thoughts of driving a car never crossed my mind.

What do you like about German cars?
People normally have a fear of German cars. They think they are expensive to maintain and that spare parts are not easy to find. Their fuel consumption is thought to be high. The reason I like German cars is that I have found out that cheap things can be so expensive and what people think is expensive is actually very pocket friendly in the long run.

What was it like when you acquired such a big vehicle?
It was an amazing yet very confusing.

Did you learn from a driving school?
I went to a driving school because I wanted to learn not just driving but to learn about the road, the dos and don’ts of a good driver.

What do you like about the BMW?
In my opinion, German cars are exceptional.

What other attributes do you like about it?
It is a tough and enduring machine. I love thrilling experiences and remaining safe on the road. I can easily do 120kph. It is very comfortable too.

How much do you spend on fuel in a week?
Between Shs200,000 and Shs350,000.

What was your first vehicle?
It was a Land Cruiser Prado.

How did you acquire it?
It came from a place where nobody expects anything good. After I found Jesus and started on my musical journey of doing music, my first song, Ganjaman, did so well. I had initially asked God if you can only give me a small Toyota Starlet but I got enough money and bought a Land Cruiser.

Apart from the Prado, which other vehicles do you own?
I have a Volkswagen, a Toyota Regius and a Toyota Altezza.

Does your car have a nickname?
I had never bothered to think of giving a nickname to my car.

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