Thursday March 3 2016

I do not trust other drivers - Maro

Maro owns a RAV4 but he always drives no matter

Maro owns a RAV4 but he always drives no matter where he is going because he does not trust other drivers . PHOTO by Edgar R Batte 

By Edgar R Batte

When and how did you start your musical journey?
I started way back in 2007 writing and preparing myself for greatness as I worked at Cineplex Cinemas and saved every penny for recording. In 2010 I was heard by Mickie Wine and that was the kick start of my musical journey.

What car do you drive?
A Rav4, Model 1997

Why did you choose this particular vehicle?
It is long-lasting, has a high resale value and with good service, I can go anywhere and I am not scared of long journeys.

How much did you buy it?
From a person so I won’t disclose how much

I bought it at Shs20m, inclusive of taxes and transfer of logbook

From whom did you buy it?
That one no blood (friend)

What informed your decision for the choice of car?
I used to hire several of them and I have never felt safer like I feel when in this kind of car. It has a good ground clearance and feels manly.

How much would you hire car?
I would always spend Shs130,000 minus fuel and service each time I hired one.

How different is it with your car now?
Well, I spend more on servicing and a bit of fuel because most of the time a deal comes when all the other essentials are somehow covered. I just check for what might need repair or service or check oil, brakes, coolant, engine, and then add fuel enough to get me to event and back. Therefore I use half the price above or even less, saving approximately Shs200,0000.

Where do you fuel from?
I use City Oil for servicing. For fuel, I either go to Total or Shell because they have a wide coverage around the country.

Do you drive yourself?
I drive mostly because I feel safer.

When and where did you learn how to drive?
I learnt privately. A friend of mine taught me how to drive then I went to the driving school for driving tests and to acquire a driving permit. Don’t advertise the driving school.

Why did you choose to learn with a friend than a driving school?
I was already popular and my face was everywhere and this scared me because I would draw all the attention plus I didn’t want to get embarrassed in case I caused an accident and had to get out of a driving school car. Let’s say I am shy and also wanted to protect my image that way.

What did you learn from your friend?
Everything and the basic repairs like changing tyres, checking engine oil, indicators and lights.

Have you been stuck on the road?
Yes but those times I was on the road with my friends and one of them was a more experienced driver so we did all things together.

Was it a puncture?
Punctures and sometimes heating

How did you fix the problems?
We changed the tyre and drove until we reached a petrol station to fix the tyre then we put it back on. For the heating, we stopped opened the bonnet and let the radiator cool then opened it and filled it with water.

What good is in having such skills?
They are important because imagine yourself being stuck in Mabira Forest without any mechanical knowledge.

What is the furthest you have driven the Rav4?

Were you at the steering wheel?

How many breaks did you take?
I always drive but set off very early to ensure I don’t speed and reach safely in time for my performances. I took two breaks for food and short calls and then for chicken at Namawojjolo.

How much do you budget for fuel in a month?
Well, if I am not moving around, I will spend about Shs150,000 a month. I have a studio in my home so I spend more time there. I only get out to check on my new studio at Tirupati Mall.

How many CCs is your car?

Do you ever share your car?
With my girlfriend every day. She goes with it to work during the day and I use it after 5pm, mostly in the nights in case of any gig or promo night.

What do you think of fellow drivers?
They need to be more comparative when it comes to road rules

What’s been your worst experience on the road?
A flat tyre. We were about to overturn but God was with us. We changed the tyre and moved on.