Thursday August 28 2014

‘I learnt driving in a lorry’

Kahirimbanyi looks at his Kidyeeri just after it was washed

L-R: Kahirimbanyi looks at his Kidyeeri just after it was washed. It also carries music instruments besides people. PHOTOS BY EDGAR BATTE 

By Joe Kahirimbanyi

What car do you drive?
A 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.

What do you like about this vehicle?
I am more of a utility and less of an aesthetics person when it comes to cars. I like its internal space, power, height and clearance.

What is the engine size?
It has a 3.4-litre V6 engine.

Where did you learn driving from?
I officially learnt in Nairobi but I had learnt how to operate a vehicle before. As a child, I used to “steal” father’s keys and drive the car around the compound.

In which type of vehicle did you learn how to drive?
I was taught in a lorry. It was an eight-gear manual affair!

How long did you take to learn how to drive?
About a month.

What important things did you learn in driving school?
I learnt that driving is more than just operating a vehicle. It is also about knowing the road rules, regulations and signs.

What is the furthest you have driven?
I have not driven very far personally but I have been pretty much around the country though I did not drive myself.

Okay but as you were driven to this far point, how much fuel did you spend on the journey?
I think the longest trip was to Kabale and I spent Shs500, 000.
How much do you spend on fuel per day or in a week?
I only drive when I really must, so it is not a daily thing. It is hard to estimate how much I spend on fuel.

How much care do you give to your Prado?
I give her a wash when she needs one. A service every three months and call the mechanic if I feel there is something up with it.

Do you wash it yourself?
No, I have an arrangement with my caretaker at home.

Does your vehicle have a nickname?
Kidyeeri which is local name for a ferry because she carries things from our music equipment and people.

Which was your first car?
My first car was a Toyota FX.
How did you acquire it?
I bought it from my housemate at the time when he was heading to the US.

Did you have to save a lot?
I got it quite cheaply. He was selling because he was leaving the country.

What is your dream car?
I generally like big cars with lots of power and space. There are times when the car becomes my second home. I do not really care much for cars as an accessory. So for me it would be the Mercedes GL.

What do you like about the GL?
I like the V8 engine. The seven seat option. It is not harsh on the eye either and hey, German engineering, you cannot go wrong. It can handle loads and different terrain.