‘I love old cars’

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The car surely grabbed car fans’ attention as reflected in this photo. People were amazed by its design and shape. 

Posted  Thursday, July 31   2014 at  01:00

In Summary

Peji Farooqi is a mechanic who runs a workshop in Kibuli. At his workshop, BHP Motors, auto engineering and old car restoring is all that is done. His car, a Citroen DS made in 1967 was among the old cars that were showcased at a motor show recently.

Where did you buy it from?
I bought it from Masaka after it had been abandoned by the owner in a banana plantation from where it was rusting. I don’t remember the price though.

How do you cope with maintenance?
I don’t drive it a lot because it is under restoration.

When do you drive it?
I drive it mostly on weekends and public holidays when I get time.

What is its engine size?
It is 1899cc hydraulic engine.

Does it use petrol or diesel?
It uses petrol.

How long have you been with it?
Six years now.

Have you received any offers from people who have wanted to buy it?
Yes, people have shown interest but no one has come to me with an offer.

Where do you get the spare parts?
I get them from Kenya. I also get others from Jinja where there’s a similar car that is no longer being driven.

When did you get the inspiration to drive it?
My family has a history of love for old cars. When I have a car and it gets old, I don’t abandon it, I keep it. I try my best to repair it and it keeps on moving.

Do you share it with friends or relatives?
I only share it with relatives, but not friends. I also hire it out to musicians for music video shooting.

What unique features does it have that the new model cars don’t have?
The suspension system is hydraulic. When I start the engine, the car lifts itself upwards and when I switch off the engine, it goes down.

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