‘Only close friends can drive Dorahlicious’

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Dorah Mwima poses by her Toyota Vitz, which she calls Dorahlicious. PHOTO BY EDGAR BATTE 

By Edgar Batte

Posted  Thursday, December 12   2013 at  13:12

Briefly introduce yourself
My name is Dorothy Hayiya Mwima, aka ,Dorah Mwima. Miss Uganda 2008. I am a business lady and I run a unisex salon on Kampala Road. I am also CEO and founder of the Dorah Mwima Foundation.

What car do you drive?
I drive a Toyata Vitz.

What is your daily travel map?
I go to work, at the salon then to my interior designing classes, run a few errands in town if any. Lately, I have been preoccupied with my upcoming charity event so I move around a lot from companies to companies looking for sponsorship.

How much do you know about your car?
Well, before I made up my mind to buy it, I googled and did my little search about it. I know it is a line of three- and five-door hatchback subcompact cars produced since 1998. Now in its third generation, the name “Toyota Vitz” has been used consistently in Japan, with most international markets receiving the same vehicle under the Toyota Yaris name, or formerly as the Toyota Echo in some markets for the first generation.

Where did you buy it?
I bought it from a friend who was moving out of the country

What do you like about this car?
It is fuel-friendly. This one is four wheel drive and I always fancied its interior and exterior. It is girly in a way and it has a feminine character.

At how much did you buy it?

How long did it take you to learn how to drive?
I learnt the basics of driving a car from my father and my elder brother when I was young but I went to a driving school called Gard way back in 2008.
It took me three weeks to learn because it was a manual car. I was more conversant with automatic cars.

Do you ever share your car?
Yes I do. Why not? Though not to strangers. Only family and close friends get to drive my Dorahlicious.

How much do you spend on fuel in a day?
I spend Shs20,000 on average.

What is the furthest you have driven your Vitz?

How much fuel did you spend on this journey?
I usually add Shs50,000 every time I make that trip but my car is very fuel friendly there will still be some fuel left by the time I am back to Kampala.

What was the last traffic offence you committed?
I took a wrong turn into a one-way road

What penalty did you get?
I got a warning because I really dint know it was a one way

What traffic rule would you wish changed?
I believe in the rules that are set for the public to oblige. I believe they are just and for our own good. I do not wish any rule would be changed. I just wish our traffic officers would be fair when issuing out tickets and do not compromise with the person who has committed the offence.
Do you always use your seatbelt?
Yes I always do.

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