Thursday June 12 2014

‘Sharing car is bad’

Sivakumar Vazhayil in his Ipsum. He washes it many times by himself and sees it as a family member.

Sivakumar Vazhayil in his Ipsum. He washes it many times by himself and sees it as a family member. PHOTO BY EDGAR .R.BATTE 


What do you do for a living?
I am the general manager of Metroplex Mall in Naalya.

What car do you drive?
I drive a 1997 Toyota Ipsum.

What do you like about this car?
It is a family car with big boot space and it is a comfortable one.

When did you buy it?
I bought it in November 2012 at Shs14.5m

How did you acquire it?
I bought it after saving and my big brother contributed to enable me acquire it.

Where did you learn driving from?
From my home country, India

How long did you take learning how to drive?
One and a half months.

What important things did you learn in the driving school?
Road safety, importance and safety of pedestrians and other road users.
What is the furthest you have driven this car?
That was to Kabale. I had gone to tour Queen Elizabeth National Park.

How much fuel did you spend on this journey?
I spent about Shs400,000.

How much do you spend on fuel in a week?
Approximately Shs100, 000.

How often do service your car and how much do you spend?
Every 3,000kms I spend about Shs120,000 on servicing.

How much care do you give your car?
My car is like a family member to me and I accord it that kind of care.

Do you wash your own car?
Yes, many times.

What was your first car?
It was a Toyota Corona.

What is your dream car?
I dream of driving a Land Cruiser V8.

How do you compare your Ipsum and the Land Cruiser V8?
I cannot compare. The Land Cruiser is way too good.

What plans do you have to acquire the Land Cruiser V8?
I am going to keep working hard and of course pray to God to enable me acquire it.

What has been your worst experience on the road as a driver?
I narrowly escaped an accident due to a mechanical fault. There was a big truck advancing from the opposite side and I narrowly dodged it.

What things do you hate about Ugandan drivers?
Some of them acquired licenses without learning the basics of driving a car so they keep violating traffic rules.

What is the last traffic offence you committed?
I am a good and careful driver. I have not committed even a single offence since I started driving.

Do you have perfume in your car?
Yes, I do.

Do you ever share your car?
No. It is not a good habit.