‘Why would I fix a tyre?’

I am Robina Mbabazi Mulera, a radio presenter on Dembe FM. Bina Babe is a nickname.

Thursday May 8 2014

Bina Baibe stands by her car, inside the car,

Bina Baibe stands by her car, inside the car, on the road and part of its entertainment system that includes a provision for a cassette/tape. PHOTO BY EDGAR BATTE 

By Jude Katende

Who is Bina Baibe?
I am Robina Mbabazi Mulera, a radio presenter on Dembe FM. Bina Babe is a nickname.

Which was your first car?
I had a Rav 4 and later got a Mitsubishi RVR and I gave it out to my best friend. Okay, I lent it out to him. He wanted to give it back to me but I refused. I recently bought a Nadia.

Did you give it out because it was faulty?
I did it out of love and everybody abused me. But he was staying far away than I was.

Since then, what have you been driving?
I have been travelling using bodas, taxis and also borrowing cars from my brothers if I am going to crack a deal.

Did people call you names while on a boda or when you were in a taxi?
They would notice me but they would instead thank me for my radio show and narrate problems that I have solved during the programme. I would sometimes pay for fares for those who have identified me in a taxi. But it is on social media that people would suggest that I buy a car.

The taxi men, would they tease you?
They would only tease me when I would wear short outfits but not for not having a car. But when I wait for 30 minutes at a taxi stage and there is no taxi coming, some people would hoot and tell me to buy a car.

What were your nasty experiences on bodas?
When it rains, sometimes motorists splash water on you. It was annoying.

What were the boda men like?
I used to sit like a man whether the outfit is short or not. They would often struggle to take me, I don’t know whether they felt good about it or not. I used to chat with them about my show and what is in the papers.

So tell us more about your third car
I am not selling it and won’t give it out unless I get money to buy a black and tinted Harrier.

How come you didn’t get a black Nadia?
Others were expensive and had higher mileages, besides I did not think of a black Nadia.

What is your favourite car colour?
I like sky blue. But it was not on the Internet. I have never seen a sky blue Harrier as well.

What was the cost and source of the Nadia?
I got it off the internet two months back at Shs10m yet in the bond it goes for Shs15m. I managed to save Shs5m.

Engine size?
I don’t know yet, the information is on the log book. But I think it is like the Rav4, at 2000cc.

What did you like about the car?
I like big cars. Its fuel consumption is fine. It is well raised. Its colour is also nice.

Do you wash it?
I take it to the washing bay.

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