Thursday November 30 2017

Why is my fuel consumption high?


Hi Paul, I drive a Toyota LiteAce wagon (1994) with the 3Y Efi engine. I have read in your articles saying that a 2000cc vehicle normally has to run 12 kilometre per litre of fuel. Mine, however is 6.5 kilometre per litre. What could be causing this big difference? My mechanic keeps telling me it is okay but do you think it could be reversed? I service it very well and it runs great, I check the tyres and all. Thanks in advance for the advice. Arthur Kisenyi

Hello Arthur, different cars with similar engine size or cubic capacity may not share the same fuel efficiency.
Besides engine tuning, service and tyre condition, there are other factors such as vehicle engine technology and car design, shape or purpose which will affect or determine the fuel efficiency (economy).

For instance, a 2002 2.0 litre Toyota Corona Premio may give you 10 kilometres in city traffic and between 14 and 16 kilometres per litre on the highway while your 1994 2.0 litre Liteace van gives you between six and eight kilometrs per litre in the city and 10 kilometres per litre on the highway.

The different fuel efficiency will be caused by the engine technology difference. The 2002 Premio has a more efficient (Direct 4) petrol engine with 16 valves (4 valver per cylinder) while the 3Y Toyota engine on the LiteAce has the less efficient first generation electronic fuel injection technology with eight valves (1 per cylinder).

The wagon body design of the LiteAce is heavier, carries eight passengers (three more than Corona) and more bulky than the Saloon Premio.

This puts more load on the engine and reduces fuel efficiency. Other factors can impact on your fuel efficiency such as choice of fuel and bad driving habits (harsh acceleration and braking, over speeding, overloading, poor journey planning).