Friday August 11 2017

Ask the mechanic: Is it normal for my steering to shake?

Photo by Rachel Mabala

Photo by Rachel Mabala 

By Paul Kaganzi (0772316145)

Hi Paul, I drive a Toyota Premio model 1999. Of late the steering wheel shakes in a vibrating mode when I drive at a speed of 100 KPH. Is this normal behavior? Abdul Hakim

Hello Abdul, when the steering wheel shakes at high speed such as 100 KPH or above it will most likely have something to do with damaged wheels, worn out steering linkages or suspension.
Unevenly worn out tyres with flat patches from hard braking or severe wear due to poor alignment can cause the steering to shake or vibrate when you drive at high speed.
Worn out wheel hub bearings or damaged rims will prevent wheels from rotating unilaterally which causes the steering vibration.
Loose or poorly aligned steering linkages will make your steering vibrate at high speeds. When your shock absorbers or lateral arm suspension bushings are worn out they can also cause steering vibration at high speeds.
Have these different components inspected by a good mechanic to confirm which of them could be damaged.