Friday August 18 2017

Can I change my car from automatic to manual transmission?

Can I change my car from automatic to manual

Can I change my car from automatic to manual transmission? 

By Paul Kaganzi

Hi Paul, I want to change the transmission of a Prado TX to a manual one because the LTS automatic transmission has become weak. Is it possible? And how much will it cost? Silva

Hello Silva, it is possible to convert the transmission system of your Toyota Prado from automatic to the manual one. However, it is very expensive and you need to do a cost benefit analysis considering the age and value of your car.

Such expensive conversions are done to cars with a vintage or sentimental value. Off cuff, when converting the transmission of your Toyota Prado you will need to find a suitable replacement manual gearbox new or quality used.
You need to buy a new set of pedals, gear linkage and shift stick. You will also need to replace the flywheel and buy a complete clutch kit and fork assemblies.

You may need to replace the engine management computor and throttle unit (in case it’s a petrol engine) with suitable replacements, which are configured to work with a manual transmission.
In order to make the conversion as seamless as possible you will need to find a good converter. The cost may be in excess of Shs20m if you use brand new parts and around Shs10m if you use quality used parts with a brand new clutch kit.