Collector owns five Bugatti Veyrons

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Posted  Thursday, December 12  2013 at  14:25

There are many car collectors in the world, but when someone is obsessed with one brand, then the brand has to be a special one. There are plenty of car collections scattered across the globe, and they range greatly in terms of their value, quality, and quantity.
They also range greatly in terms of their accessibility. Some folks are happy to share what they’ve got and celebrate their own collections.

Look at the Mullin Museum in Oxnard, California, or the Marconi Museum that is also in California, just a bit further south. Other collections become the stuff of legend as they are housed behind large doors and locked off from the outside world.

Somewhere in between that wide range sits the following collection, which was captured on video by YouTube user 4WheelsofLux. It is an extremely high-end exotic assembly of vehicles, and it is an expensive and impressive one at that. An Aston Martin One-77 shares the floor with a sea of Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Ferrari products. The very first 599XX is on display, as is an ultra-rare Porsche 911 GT1. A Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR roadster is parked near a Maserati MC12, while a Lamborghini Reventon sits angrily awaiting a drive.

Those vehicles alone would add serious value to any collection. It is the five (five!) Bugatti Veyron examples, however, that push this collection into the price stratosphere. Why five you ask? Well, it appears that each is a different Veyron version that Bugatti offered up, including a Pur Sang and a Sang Noire.

So if you are going to collect something as extraordinary as Bugatti Veyrons... you may as well collect them all. Often seen as the most expensive cars in the world, a basic Veyron costs $1.9m (approximately Shs4.7b) while the top of the range Veyron 16.4 Super Sport 8 litre W16 AWD costs $4m (approx. Shs10b).-

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