Thursday January 24 2013

Floor mats make for a tidy interior

The Range Rover P38 is liked by many people but

The Range Rover P38 is liked by many people but it has delicate technical issues that prospective owners should know. FILE PHOTOS  

By Gloria Haguma

Many people love nice cars, and it is such a dismay that they place their concentration mainly on the exterior of the car, paying less attention to the interior.
For those that try to pay some attention to the interior, they accessorise with a few stuffed animals and for other instances, use cushions. However, the one area in the car that needs to be paid attention to is the floor. Whereas some simply use old card board papers, it is wise to use car carpets because they are not only classy but also more eye catching and comfortable.

These come in different types depending on what one decides to use. These come in a number of different types including rubber carpets, woolen carpets and many others. One, however, needs to be careful when choosing which type of carpet to use in their car. For instance, one cannot use the woolen carpet during the rainy season because this is bound to get dirty very fast whereas the rubber carpets would be appropriate to use in the rainy season because they are easy to clean.

Carpet versus rubber floor mats
When trying to decide whether to go with rubber or carpet floor mats, there is a lot to take into consideration. Custom floor mats add style and comfort and are a great option if you are looking for some extra style and comfort. Carpet floor mats come in several different colours.

That said, rubber mats offer the best protection. Not only are they easy to clean, when washed they dry faster than the carpet mats. Rubber floor mats are great for all-weather protection. They are tough enough to keep mud and dirt off your carpets. And, they keep spilled beverages and food contained, making it easy to clean up.

Brian Ssebulime, a car and accessories dealer, says the type of car carpet one chooses depends on the type of car they have. “The type of carpet one buys depends on the car and also the individual. The rubber carpets are most convenient though they tend to work best for the men and the woolen ones work best for the women,” he says. He adds that the woolen ones are also more advantageous because they ensure neatness in the car and are also comfortable especially if one is driving bare footed.

Sula Sendi, also a car dealer on Wilson Road, says the rubber and preferably colourless car carpets are more convenient because they can easily blend in with the car interior and are also easy to clean. He adds that the car carpets come in a wide range of types, and so one has to be careful when selecting them so as not to buy counterfeits. “The only way one can do this is by purchasing from genuine dealers or car selling points,” he explains.

You can look for those with your car logo if available. They will accentuate your car’s value and make it seem they are the original ones (in case the car is old). One also has to put into consideration where they plan on putting the carpets. For instance, it would not make any sense putting car carpets in a public vehicle like a taxi or in a vehicle that is bound to be carrying a lot of luggage.

The car carpets are usually reserved for personal cars, since they are easy to maintain here.One also needs to consider the durability of the carpet they choose to use. This therefore means one has to buy a genuine product, as this will last longer.

Car carpets can be bought at various shopping point including supermarkets, and major shopping malls. However, the main place to acquire these is Kisekka market and here prices start from Shs10,000. Some sets of mats depend on car models with those of the Toyota Ipsum priced at Shs100,000 including the boot floor mat. For the vans such as Toyota Noah (Shs100,000) or (Shs120,000), Toyota Mark II (Shs40,000 and Shs50,000). For other car makes, you can get them at Shs80,000. The pricing is generally determined by how much space the mats will take and nature of material.