Thursday March 10 2016

I cannot drive long distances

While the speed limit of this car is 240kmph,

While the speed limit of this car is 240kmph, Kabuura has only driven up to 80kmph. Photo by Isaac Ssejjombwe 

By Isaac Ssejjombwe

What car do you drive?
I drive a Subaru Forester.

Why that specific car?
Over the years, I always liked big cars. I was driving a Mark 2 and Premio before so I wanted a bigger and higher car but did not have the money to buy a Range Rover or a Harrier so what I went in for was slightly bigger and higher. Besides that, the Subaru has power and unlike what people say in terms of maintenance, it’s not very cheap but it’s not your worst car to have on the road in terms of fuel consumption.

What model is it?
It’s a 1999 model.

What is its engine size?
It’s 2.0.

What is so special about it besides its power?
This car is comfortable and it’s the type of car that I can drive to Jinja and I still want to drive it.

What was your first car?
It was a Corona. I bought it from Mark Namanya. I then moved to two Mark 2s, and then a Premio to this Subaru.

Why the change in cars?
I am very impatient with driving experience. I don’t like driving a car for too long, especially if I can manage the next. For example, I drove the Premio for almost a year. I wanted to change to another car after six months but I did not have the money. I can’t promise you that I will be driving this car by this time, next year whether I have money or not.

At what age did you get your first car?
I was 26.

Where did you get the money to buy that car?
I work. My radio and SuperSport job pay me.

What is the furthest you have travelled with this car?
Imagine. The furthest is Bombo. I am very bad with long distance travelling and I was so tired when I arrived.

What is your dream car?
I adore a Jeep Cheroke.

Any challenges driving this car?
I have not gotten any challenge with this car. Not yet.
How much did you buy this car? And if you are to sell it? How much would it go for?
I bought it at Shs22m.Right now, one has to pay me Shs15m.
Have you received any offers?
Many. Even on the same day I bought it.

What is the maximum speed limit you have driven this car?
The speed limit is 240kmph but I have never driven past 80kmph. If I am to go for an assignment, I set off early and if I am late, I explain. I am not a Formula One driver.
What would you change about this car?
Because I love colour blue, I will soon revamp my Subaru from silver to blue.