Is having an American car in Uganda worth it?

Some people who in wanting to improve their status among other reasons, opt for having huge American vehicles and most of them consume a lot of fuel as well. So, is it worth it given lack of parts support, our narrow roads, etc?

Thursday February 20 2014

Jude: Yesterday I saw a huge Ford 150.

Paul: The old or new one? The new one is very boxy.

Jude: I don’t know whether it is the new type, I have not been so keen on some American vehicles, so I don’t know which generation but I know it is a popular truck in the US alongside the Toyota Tundra among other huge pick-ups. But one thing I always ask myself is, does it make sense to import such humongous trucks on our narrow roads? Where do you park such a truck when it can consume space of two cars.

Mustafa: Trucks in the US are some sort of culture, they have a cult following. Having a truck is like a man’s right of passage. It is special to own a truck.

Jude: There is a story I read recently, I don’t know whether they wanted to tag it on Valentine’s Day but some survey had it that most ladies in the US are most likely to fall in love with a guy in a truck or that they find truck guys attractive.

Mustafa: Does that work with the Hilux? (laughter).

Jude: Why not?

Mustafa: But these big trucks look nice, it is cool to be up there, may be someone is trying to make up for where they are small.

Jude: The truck bed is more like an actual bed, you can sleep in there comfortably.

Paul: In America, part of the nature of these trucks is outdoor life, things like camping, fishing, outdoor for recreation, outdoor for work. In a truck, a typical American truck will have a rifle, a big load box, camping gear, tools, and a big lavish interior seat where he will sit with his girlfriend or dog.
But like you asked, where do you park it? It is very much their way of life.

Jude: The funny thing though is that many Ugandan drivers complain about fuel guzzlers and these trucks are this category. Even with some SUVs that have engines as small as 3000cc, some people complain, yet some of the American trucks are twice that.

Paul: The five litre truck, to be honest with you, has a very serious performance. When in such a truck, you have power, whether you need all that power is another thing altogether.

Mustafa: The bigger question is can I own an American car in Uganda? Disregard the trucks. I have seen the PT Cruiser. As a mechanic, Paul, does it make sense?

Paul: I know someone with a PT Cruiser and I know it can be a challenge to have some of the parts.
Jude: There is lady I saw driving one (PT Cruiser) but with a damaged rear lamp. I don’t know if she got fixed.

Mustafa: For instance, when I am ordering parts online , I look out for certain things.

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