Let’s chat :When driving at night becomes a nightmare

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Light adjustment can help one have beams that would not affect other drivers.

Light adjustment can help one have beams that would not affect other drivers. FILE PHOTO 

Posted  Thursday, March 6  2014 at  02:00

Driving at night with full beams can momentarily “blind” the oncoming drivers, but this is something some people take for granted. Without driving schools doing comprehensive training, these incidents may be on the increase.

Jude: I don’t know whether or not you have found yourself in situation whereby you are driving and someone aims their bright beams at you, you are almost blinded.

Mustafa: Let me stop you right there. Toyota Ipsum drivers. I don’t know whether there is a rule at the bonds that people should drive their Ipsums with full lights!

Jude: Maybe they don’t know how to turn their lights to half beams.

Mustafa: This is very unique to Toyota Ipsums.

Paul: Maybe they have the modern xenon lights.

Jude: No, they just look like xenons but they are not xenons.

Paul: I am talking about light intensity.

Mustafa: These people always drive in full.

Jude: Could it be a factory error?

Mustafa: I don’t know but they always drive with full lights.

Paul: Why are you classifying Ipsum drivers?

Mustafa: No, I am not classifying them. But out of 10 people, when you are driving and “request” the other driver to dim their lights, most of them are Ipsum drivers. I notice this after they have dimmed their lights.

Paul: Have you tried to drive around and see how many Ipsums drive past you? You could easily say the Ipsum is the most popular car in town.

Mustafa: You can look at it that way.

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