Thursday January 9 2014

My wheels : Amos Kasule,‘Lady learners hit my car often’

By Carol Nambowa

What do you do for a living?
I am a translation consultant specifically in the Biblical languages, Hebrew and Greek.

What type of car do you drive?
I drive a Toyota Corolla AE 100 commonly known as kikumi.

What do you love about your car?
The seats are very comfortable. Its fuel consumption is fine. Its spare parts are readily available. It has a unique colour.

Where and how much did you buy your car at?
I bought it in 2009 from a certain lady through a friend and he knew exactly what we wanted and what we were looking for. We bought it at Shs8m.

Would you lend your car to someone?
No, I would not lend it to anybody. The only person who drives the car when both my wife and I are away is a certain boda boda man who takes very good care of his motorcycle. He has both motorcycle and car driving permits and takes very good care of his car. When he borrows the car, he returns it washed and with the fuel it had.
What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you in this car?
A boda boda hit me and other boda boda riders came gathered around claiming I had hit him. Luckily I had not driven off so the person in the car behind me had seen what had happened and knew me even though I did not know him. He came and told them that if they dared touch me, they are all dead.
Other times are when learners hit me and they were usually ladies. They claim to know me so they say, “I know you are a Christian and I do not have money. I think you should forgive me.”
I usually ask them for how much they have and it is what I take.

What is the most memorable moment you have had with the car?
Last year, I drove to Nairobi then to Thika and finally to the village where President Jomo Kenyatta was born. I drove all the way and I had never stretched the car that far.

How is its fuel consumption?
With Shell fuel save, the fuel consumption is 22.5km to one litre of fuel.

How big is the engine of this car?

Where do you service your car?
I service it from City Oil because other places do not have customer care. At City Oil, they greet and welcome you as soon as you arrive, show you where to park the car and inquire what service you would like to be done on the car.
They request you to wait and when the service is finished, they thank you. I will go where I am treated like a king not where I am treated like a nobody.

Which other cars have you driven in the past?
I have driven a VW Passat station wagon, a 1978 model and Nissan 1200 pick-up.

What is your dream car?
My dream car is a Mercedes Benz W124 1976 model with an open roof and it has to be left-hand drive.
The other is a Mercedes Coupe any latest model convertible, also left-hand drive.

Is there anything you dislike about your car?
For its particular model, the spare parts of the air conditioner are very rare.

Do you have a nickname for this car?
I have not gotten any nickname for it yet but the pick-up was nicknamed Kampipini.
It was because people used to squat at the back so that the wind does not blow them so much.