My wheels : Eddy Kenzo,‘I had a puncture at 3am in Mubende’

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado TX.

Thursday April 10 2014

The slightly enlarged bumper and fenders along

The slightly enlarged bumper and fenders along with a rugged tyre design make it stand out. 

By Edgar.R.Batte

What car do you drive?
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado TX.

When did you buy it?
One year ago. I bought it at Cheema Motors at Shs50m.

For how long had you saved for it?
For us musicians our money is like a fisherman’s money. It comes anytime.

What did you like about it?
I have always liked it. Before I bought it I had a Toyota Hiace Super Custom. I had bought two Super Customs. I am about to acquire another Prado but this one has also been good.

Which car are you planning on buying?
I want to buy a V8. It is very expensive and I am still saving. I might not buy a new one so I am looking at spending between Shs80m and Shs90m.

How much fuel do you spend on this one every day or week?
It depends but I spend Shs50,000 every day on average.

How far from you have you driven it?
I have driven it to Paidha in northern Uganda and I spent Shs300,000.

Do you know of other people that drive this car?
Haruna Mubiru has the new model. I cannot think of another person.

Do you have a first aid kit?
Yes, I do.

Have you ever had a problem while you were on the road?
Yes, I got a puncture when I was coming from Mubende at about 3am. We had a spare tyre and I replaced it. I can replace a tyre and I was lucky to have a spare tyre on that night.

How often do you service it?
It depends. If I am to travel way out of town then I will service the car before setting off for the journey. If I am going to stay around Kampala I can even take up to three months without servicing it and it will not have any problem.

How much did you spend on servicing?
I spend Shs200,000.

Does your car have a nickname?
My car has no nickname.

Do you share your vehicle with your friends?
It is usually my driver behind the wheel especially when I am going to places that are far from town. There is also a boy that I stay with who drives me around because I am usually tired.

Have you ever washed your car?
No I take it to the washing bay where I part with Shs20,000.

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