Thursday June 19 2014

My wheels: GNL Zamba,‘I don’t care about models’

GNL’s first generation Land Rover Freelander.

GNL’s first generation Land Rover Freelander. COURTESYPHOTO 


What type of car do you drive?
I drive a Land Rover Freelander

What model is this Land Rover?
To be honest I do not know the model. I really don’t care about models, what matters is the comfort in driving. It is a British car though.

From whom did you buy this car?
I bought it from a friend. He is a banker but he knows more about cars than I do.

When and how much did you buy it?
I bought it about three years ago. It cost me Shs40m but cars depreciate. My father did not think it was a wise decision.

Do you care about the colour of your car?
Yes, I love all black cars with chrome on the wheels but this car is a camouflage. It is dark blue and green depending on which angle the light hits the body. It is surreal.

What is the engine size ?
My car engine is bigger than Tshaka Mayanja and Straka combined. To be honest, I have to lift the bonnet for that or read the card. I can tell you about its manual gear shift that also adjusts according to speed, traction and terrain.

Did you learn in an automatic car?
I learnt in a manual car. It was my father who taught me how to drive.

What was the most scaring thing?
The scariest part was holding the balance on a slope with traffic jam on a road where taxis did not respect lanes. I used to sweat and my father for some reason found it amusing.

How long did it take you to learn?
It took me three days to master the basics. I have been driving since my P7 vacation. So I am quite confident with my skills. I can drift and do circles too like rally drivers, playing need for speed.

How good or bad a driver are you?
I learnt that on a road anything can happen so I only drive at a speed I can contain. The passengers in my car are my responsibility. Never be too cool to wear a seat belt. The other is to never swerve to save a cat.

What is longest journey you have driven in your car and how much fuel was used?
I have driven from Kampala to Kigali. I am not sure but if I estimate I could have spent about Shs400,000.

How much do you spend on average from Kampala to another town?
I drive to Entebbe from Ntinda for Shs65,000 to and fro .

How much do you spend on fuel?
I spend about Shs100,000 every day, for my Super-Custom and the Freelander. Mine is a busy affair even for town errands and appointments. The Super-Custom is a company van while the Freelander is for personal duties.

How often do you service your car?
I service depending on miles covered as recommended by the mechanics. It is no good to service according to duration, miles are better to gauge wear and depletion of parts and oil.

How much care do you give to your car?
I care for it but I am not so much into the hugging and kissing. Often I am reminded to wash it by finger marks scribbling message. I love the interior more.

Does it have a nickname?
Yes... Young Caesar “the bullet”, I tried to name it “chariot” but it did not catch on. My other van is called the “war bus” all black swag like a Dinka.

Which was your first car?
My first car was a Nissan Cube. We named it “koyi koyi”.

How were you able to buy it?
I did not save a lot. I just became popular. My first two shows after my first hit bought me a car.

What is your dream car?
My dream car is what I am driving. As a child, I always wanted a Land Rover. Now I am grown up and I want to wake up in a new Bugatti Veyron.