Thursday March 13 2014

Shell FuelSave: Questions and Answers

Shell Global solutions automotive engineer Glenn explains

Shell Global solutions automotive engineer Glenn explains how SFS fuels lubricate the upper piston ring. COURTESY PHOTO 

How does Shell Fuel Save Unleaded petrol and Diesel lubricate the engine pistons and how does it improve the fuel economy of my car?

Shell Fuel Save unleaded (petrol) and diesel improve engine efficiency by lubricating where engine oils are less effective such as the upper piston ring. This is a revolutionary breakthrough in fuel technology and a first one by the passionate Shell fuel scientists and automotive engineers.

Ordinarily, engine oil from the oil sump or crankcase lubricates the lower piston rings. These rings are designed to prevent engine oil flow to the combustion chamber during lubrication of the very hot engine cylinders and pistons.

The revolutionary formula in Shell Fuel Save fuels has a chemical which lubricates the upper piston ring on each engine piston.

This helps the engine crankshaft turn with more ease, freeing up more energy and reducing the demand for more fuel. This lowers your engine fuel consumption as well as improves its performance.