Thursday March 20 2014

Shell FuelSave: Questions and Answers

I have always fueled my car with Shell V-Power because it is has properties which clean up and help keep my engine in good condition. Should I switch to Shell Fuel Save Unleaded petrol since it does the same thing?

Shell V-Power petrol is unleaded but with a higher octane rating ranging between 98 and 100 as it varies across different markets.

Octane is a flammable hydrocarbon liquid that along with other hydrocarbons such as pentane, hexane, heptane, and many others is refined from crude oil and they make up the blend of chemical components called petrol.

Octane is also a measure of a fuel’s tendency to knock or ping when it is mixed with air and burned in the cylinder of an engine.

This octane rating is not based on the amount of chemical octane in the gasoline. The rating is called octane because the gasoline’s ability to prevent premature explosion and reduce engine cylinder knock.

Shell V- Power is pure petrol with higher octane rating which burns slower than lower octane petrol. The slow burn prevents premature combustion which among other benefits increases the explosive power of this fuel.

Shell V-Power and Shell Fuel Save Unleaded petrol are composed differently to provide different benefits to drivers. Shell V-Power is formulated to improve power and performance whereas Shell Fuel Save Unleaded petrol has been formulated on the economy platform to last longer by reducing energy losses in the engine.

Shell V-Power and Shell Fuel Save Unleaded have properties that clean and protect your engine from buildup of harmful gunk or deposits.