Friday February 17 2017

Why does my steering wheel shake?


By Paul Kaganzi

When I am driving my Premio over 60km/hr and I try to slow down or stop, the steering wheel shakes vigorously. What could be the problem?
Ivan Kaswali

The steering judder or shaking when you apply your Toyota brakes at 60kph may be caused by one of the following two factors: unevenly worn out brake discs or rotors and extremely worn out or loose suspension and steering linkage components. Uneven damage of the disc rotor surface due to intermittent thinning or warping around the rotor surface can cause juddering of brake pads when you apply the brakes at speeds of 50 kph or more. The effect of this judder maybe transmitted from the brake discs to the steering through the steering linkage or rack assembly.
Front suspension components like ball joints, suspension plate bushes and upper control arms help to harness the wheel hub and axle to the car frame. When you brake a fast moving car, the dynamic forces will not be dampened by the damaged suspension parts. This may result in violent vibrations which may feel like a judder transmitted to the steering.