What is luxury?

Technology is in advanced stages and many automakers are stepping up their game to catch up with the market leaders, be it luxury. There are some automakers making the Germans scared. That said, the latter still rule the game.

Thursday May 29 2014

Mustafa: Jude, how do you define luxury?

Jude: Ah, luxury to me is many things. I think it is something that appeals to me, it is nice to look at.

Paul: To me, luxury is like a double edged sword because what maybe luxurious to me may not be for someone else. But strictly speaking, luxury gives you the feel good factor. It has got an element of comfort, convenience as well. Everything is at your tips. Largely speaking, luxury is associated with trend. What one thinks is the best in providing comfort or that feel good factor. But what may be considered luxurious today may not be luxurious tomorrow.

Mustafa: I totally agree with that but three things come up. On the personal side of luxury, I define what luxury is. The other two elements defining luxury are society and brands. What you see as luxury in Kampala may not be luxury in South Sudan or in Nairobi.

Jude: Yeah, why would some folks use an Ipsum as a taxi yet to other people this car is luxurious.

Mustafa: Then there is brand loyalty. I was discussing with Jude here that I can park here a Mercedes Benz190E, a 1989 car! Someone else will come with his Toyota Brevis, a 2003 model, but society’s perception of luxury will still go to Mercedes.

Jude: Regardless of the ages of both cars.

Mustafa: In terms of definition of luxury, the Brevis is miles ahead of the 190E.

Paul: The other issue I also see in there is that luxury is strongly associated with a price tag. What is considered as luxurious is sometimes up there in pricing. If you park your 190 and someone parks the Brevis (pronounces it as Brevi).

Mustafa: is the word Brevi or Brevis? Is the S silent just like in Progrès?

Paul: Yes

Mustafa: Okay, I get it.

Paul: Is your 190 going to have a higher price tag?

Mustafa: But Paul, how much do you think a 2010 Mercedes Benz ML would cost on the open market?

Paul: Above Shs200m.

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