Thursday June 26 2014

What to expect at Saturday’s clinic

By Paul Kaganzi

The post 1990s have brought along an evolution of vehicle fuel (petrol and diesel) delivery technology from the mechanical carburetor and diesel injector pump to the electronic petrol fuel injection and diesel injector pumps.

This technology is the outcome of vehicle manufacturers’ efforts to build cars with better fuel economy, performance as well as lower emissions. Today, fuel technology is pushing the envelope and we have electronic petrol and diesel fuel injection systems such as the petrol MPi - Multipoint injection, D4 -Direct 4 or GDi (Gasoline Direct injection) or the CDi – (Common Rail diesel injection) or DID – (Diesel Direct injection).

These fuel systems directly deliver highly charged (pressurised) fuel to the combustion chamber realising hitherto unseen engine efficiency. This engine fuel technology has its challenges and one of the biggest is intolerance to deposit formation on the intake valves and in the fuel injectors.

These deposits cause engine hard starts, erratic idling, poor acceleration and high fuel consumption. This has created a need for motorists to pay more attention to car periodic maintenance, source and quality of fuel, lubricants and service parts used to maintain the car engines. Very often vehicle owners incur very high costs when their vehicle engines prematurely fail and need to be overhauled or replaced due to use of adulterated fuels, lubricants or non-genuine service parts.

In this Saturday’s My Car clinic in partnership with Daily Monitor’s Full Woman magazine and Vivo Energy, the Shell licensee in Uganda, I will demonstrate how quality of fuel and lubricants play a central role in the maintenance and efficiency of our vehicles. I will also share with the participants tips on how to maintain the fuel and lubrication systems of their vehicles.

Come and be a part of this learning experience and get the opportunity to ask any question about your car. This car clinic targets lady drivers. Women today are driving the nation not only in different socio economic spheres, but also behind the driver’s steering wheel.

We would like to empower the women so that they can make informed decisions about the maintenance of their car fuel and lubrication systems. Let’s meet and learn while we have fun at Shell Bukoto opposite Hardware World Ntinda at 2pm on Saturday. There will also be prizes to be won for those that will correctly answer posed questions among other activities.