Thursday May 22 2014

Using vehicles in marketing

The visibility is loud and clear without making any

Branding is an important business aspect  

By Brian Ssenoga

When you want a message known, you could use your car as an advertising medium. These days, it is common to see vehicles being used as moving billboards. Companies too use this method to decorate their cars in their company colours and logos. Brian Ssenoga delves into the trend.

As the automotive world keeps evolving the buyers also dance to the tunes and today car makers, dealers and of course buyers (owners) want the public to think of them as invicible hence the different ways of making cars with unique features.
Cars are status symbols. However, this status is not left to the rich alone, even the moderate buyers have learnt to show uniqueness by customising their cars. Like that Harrier which has a Lexus symbol or a Progrès with a Mercedes Benz symbol mounted on the bonnet. To the owners of such cars, it is about liking the other type of car, which maybe they cannot afford but can at least customise it with its symbol.
According to vehicle branding expert, Sulaiman Mugejjera of Screen Graphics Ltd, personal vehicle branding depends on what you need–and how much you care about your image.
He says, “Not everyone who owns a Porsche 911 or Audi R8 cares about their superior handling or branding, after all, the car speaks for its self. Some just want to be seen driving them but vehicle branding can make the cheapest car look the most expensive, it just becomes unique.
“Although, in Uganda vehicle branding is commonly done by companies for their vehicles to serve as mobile billboards, personal vehicle customisation is about emotional connections that a car owner makes with a word and how he wants to make you feel,” says Mugejjera.
Customisation can be done to whatever one’s specifications are, so it can be designed to not only turn heads, but also reflect a person’s unique personality. If done tastefully and creatively, the car will turn heads in the streets than the most expensive car there is. People often notice and remember vehicle signage a lot better than they do number plates.
However, Mugejjera notes that it could be as small as having tinted windows or as big as a wrap but all must be done by a professional.

In addition, Claire Kawenja, managing director Kushona designers and images says some people want the latest and greatest of whatever.

she adds, “It is about having the money to buy it. It is about being able to say, hey, this is how successful I am. I find it a very advantageous way to live. If you do not create some kind of public image it gets created for you.”
of what you actually stand for.

Personal vehicle branding could take on many forms, from a few stickers to a complete vehicle wrap. There are so many exciting ways to decorate your vehicle and become a representation. “A mere look should tell people what my business is all about, and the quality of the signage job should tell people that I have extremely high working standards. All of this enhances a positive attitude towards me and my business,” Kawenja adds.
By placing a few professional looking stickers on your car, or even by doing a vehicle wrap, you will be able to reach an endless amount of people and you will be spending much less money creating such an awesome public image.

The benefits of personal vehicle branding are infinite according to Eden Kironde of Moringa Ogilvy.

“There is no better way today than establishing your identity using your car, you will ensure that more people are aware of your presence and more people will consequently consider you for services needed. People feel comfortable with brands they know.”

Kironde notes that personal vehicle graphics and wraps are one of the fastest growing trends of screaming one’s status while increasing vehicle security.

“Custom graphics reduce the risk of hijacking and theft. The graphics make the car easily identifiable and, therefore, reduce the risk of them being stolen but also enhances trade-in value as vehicle wraps actually help protect the vehicle’s paint while they are on the vehicle. When you are done with the car and are ready to sell it, the graphics can easily be removed without harming the vehicle’s finish. No scratches or fading,” he argues.