Thursday July 5 2018

Which is better between a BMW X5 e70 2008 and Benz ML 4Matic?

 better between  BMW X5 e70 2008 Benz ML 4Matic


By Paul Kaganzi

Hi Paul, I am a Bimmer guy and a high speed merchant intending to upgrade my BMW 525i iconic 2001 e39. I am strongly considering a BMW X5 e70 2008 but my mechanic has strongly discouraged me and instead recommends a Benz ML 4Matic.
He thinks ML has a better fuel economy and cheaper maintenance costs. What would you advise in terms of maintenance, fuel economy, driving thrill and passenger capacity given that the E70 has an optional 3rd row for my big family’s comfort? Edson

Hello Edson, BMW and Mercedes build luxury Sports Utility Vehicles SUVs) that have permanent seats at the crowded SUV high table.
If you are looking for fuel economy and performance in a used 2008 BMW X5 E70 and Mercedes ML W164 then let us talk about the 3.0 litre common rail diesel engines on both options.
My two cents, the E70 BMW 3.0D has bigger engine power (BHP: 232 Vs 221), better fuel economy (KM/L: 13.88 Vs 13.51) and performance handling, offering sheer driving pleasure.

The Mercedes ML W164 320CDi interior is more spacious and comfortable, offering good handling. The Mercedes will also be easier to look after as its parts availability is better both with the main dealer and independents.

However, if you know your way around, there are a couple of independent parts outlets that stock BMW E70 service parts and can order the slow moving parts for you if you are patient. Perhaps that is your mechanic’s concern. Also, Mercedes has an overall better resale value than the BMW.