Friday October 20 2017

Which is better between Raum and Spacio?

Toyota Spacio offers two petrol engines; the

Toyota Spacio offers two petrol engines; the 1.5 litre (1490cc) and 1.8 litre (1795cc)  

By Paul Kaganzi

Hi Paul, I need to get information about Toyota Raum 2003 and Toyota Spacio. Which one is better in terms of fuel, up country navigation, stability and body wise? Carol.

Hello Carol, the Toyota Raum 2003 is a mini people mover while the Toyota Spacio of the same year is a minivan which moves people and small cargo volumes. Both vehicles are designed as fuel efficient and comfortable to do school, office and airport drop offs. The Spacio’s hatch back shape has a longer and wider profile (LxH mm:4275x1695) than Raum (4045 x 1690). Spacio’s dimensions combines well with its wider wheel base (2600mm) to make it more stable on the highway than the Raum.
This size advantage provides better passenger leg room and boot capacity to combine passenger travel and light transportation. Interestingly, Spacio’s bigger 1.6L engine is more fuel efficient than Raum’s 1.5L engine. Spacio’s fuel economy (Km/L:City 10KM/L Highway:16 Km/L) is better than Raum’s fuel economy (city:9 KM/L and Highway14KM).
Spacio accelerates faster than Raum largely because of the 1.6 litre engine, which is proportional to the size of the body. So it makes a better option for highway driving. On the muffin or suburban road the Spacio’s better ground clearance (165mm) allows you to navigate humps and portholes better than Raum’s lower ground clearance (150mm).
It’s important to bear in mind that fuel economy statistics can be altered by your sensible driving style (avoid aggressive take offs and abrupt braking), engine tuning, regular oil change, condition of tyres and choice of differentiated performance and economy enhancing fuel such as Shell Fuel Save.