Friday October 13 2017

Make buying a car an easy process

A typical car bond in Kampala. Buying cars from such bonds is easy. Some individuals find it challenging to sell off their cars privately than using such bonds.

Buying a car should be a hustle-free process that should be guided by engine size, fuel consumption, cost, body shape and brand. File photo 

By Jude Katende

It is around that time of the year when car dealers begin to think of offering discounts with a view of clearing outstanding stock.
And this is the best time to buy a car because it is less scattering than when there is no stock clearance.
To some people, buying a car is quite an irritation yet to others it is just another day in the park as long as there is money and sufficient time to do it.
Many Ugandans buy second had or third cars either online or from bonds where they are subjected to a variety, most of which not only look good but have features that they fall for.
However, beyond looking good, many buyers look out certain aspects.
Apart from the obvious, most motorists will consider a number of things before they buy a car.
The considerations vary from one person to another but specific focus is usually put on engine size, fuel consumption, cost, body shape and brand, among others.
However, functionality as a variance comes into play because many buyers choose to buy a car only and if it fits into what they would want to do with it.
For instance, if you are a stationery dealer in or outside Kampala, chances are you will opt for a van, pick-up truck or multi-purpose vehicle (MPV).
Cars that fit within this description include pickup trucks, a Probox or something around that because of space considerations.
If you are someone who takes vacations, especially upcountry, a station wagon is ideal or you can even upgrade to a sports utility vehicle to help in easy movement.
However, even with such considerations, many people will go for what pleases them.
Saloon cars are ideal for first time buyers yet high end cars such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Jaguar and Lexus, among others are best for people who want to be depicted as power and luxurious.
Therefore, look out for what the car offers you including comfort, functionality and efficiency.
A car that matches your considerations should also be ideal for family functions. For instance it should have a sizeable boot, legroom and headroom for passengers and must be safe. Other considerations such as availability of spare parts and resale value also must also be put in consideration.

Engine size
Engine size is also a popular consideration as motorists would love to use less fuel on any journey.
To some extent a car with a small engine of about 1,000CC will save you the burden of hugely expenditure on fuel, however, how you drive and use the car also determines if you are indeed spending less.
If you have a small size car engine but you overload it, unnecessarily use the air conditioning system, irregular servicing and uneven tyre pressure, then be sure to spend more on fuel than you expect.
The car, in such conditions uses more energy to navigate a journey than the usual which automatically will requires more fuel.
Therefore, whereas you might have some considerations while buying a car, be mindful of how you use it to optimally realize your targets.