Thursday November 30 2017

What should I do for my engine?


Hi Paul, I came across your contact in Daily Monitor. My Toyota Brevis engine got damaged after an oil spill when I hit a hump in Kaliro District recently. The mechanics in Jinja have charged me a lot of money to repair the damaged engine twice. They have replaced pistons, drive shaft and bearings but the engine is not running well and smokes a lot. What can I do? Kisadha

Hello Kisadha, good engine oil protects your engine from overheating, frictional damage and other elements.

When a fast moving engine loses oil pressure suddenly there is a strong likelihood of severe damage or seize up of many fast moving metallic components.

That sort of repair is not cheap because you probably need to replace the crank shaft, pistons, piston rings, cylinder sleeve liners, valves and camshafts.

Depending on how fast you were driving or how far you drove after the oil loss the damage may extend to the alluminium valve train or vital sensors such as the crankshaft position, camshaft position and VVti sender units.

A careful inspection is required to establish the extent of damage. You must be ready to buy new engine rebuilding parts which are not readily available (3-4 weeks) and will cost anywhere between Shs5m and Shs9m.
Any attempt to repair with counterfeit or used parts may be futile as quality of the repair job may not be assured.

You may find it more cost effective to buy a quality used engine from reliable importers and dealers of quality used engines.
That will be a matter of fit, service tune and start. You should never ignore the red engine oil warning lamp when it displays on your dashboard.