CEOs want human resource functions outsourced

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By Edna Kyokunzire

Posted  Friday, December 6  2013 at  02:00

Kampala- Company leaders want administrative human resource functions to be outsourced so that employees can concentrate on core company business.
This came out in a forum held recently that brought together Human Resource (HR) practitioners and chief executive officers (CEOs) of various companies across Uganda.

The Symposium was held under the theme ‘Defining the next stage of evolution of human resource practice in Uganda- insight from CEOs’.
“According to a worldwide survey, most CEOs would prefer most of the financial aspects of HR, including handling of employee benefits, medical covers, workers compensation, among others, outsourced,” said Mr Francis Kamulegeya, the managing director PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

“CEOs would prefer human resource departments to focus on the key issues of the business,” Mr Kamulegeya said.

With changing workplace trends and higher employee expectations, outsourcing is seen as the better option in terms of saving costs and time and increasing employee productivity.

“Managing talent is very key in today’s business, especially in a knowledge based economy where talent is very rare” said Ms Allen Nambi Amoko, the Life and Pensions manager at AON Uganda.

Some services offered by third party firms like AON include Pension Administration, absence management Program, Group life and permanent health insurance covers among others.

“As a HR department, you do not want to be seen as accost centre, you should be seen as adding value to the business,” Mr Kamulegeya said.

Changing trends indicate, employees are not only concerned about how much salary they earn but also other welfares like medical benefits, workers compensation, National Social Security Fund benefits and other office bonuses.