Monday November 6 2017

Internet security a challenge to businesses - expert



With more Ugandans taking into the Internet and businesses steadily embracing digital revolution, the question now is how secure is the data in the cyber space.
This is a matter that providers of Internet services, digital solutions experts and businesses say they continuously have to deal with given its gravity.
In an interview, Mr Yaron Farachi, the country manager Gilat Telecom Uganda, said protection of data in the digital space is increasingly becoming a priority lest the information ends up in the wrong hands.
Mr Farachi, whose organisation is a subsidiary of Gilat Satcom, said in an interview last week in Kampala that issue is not so much about the uptake of the digital services, which is improving, but its protection against cyber intruders and hackers.
He said: “We are seeing the internet services getting better as a result of the stability of the fibre and good configuration. As result there is now higher demand for content as more people take to internet and the social media.”
Normally, organisations tend to have security solutions on their own networks to stop cyber-attacks, however, this approach is rather tedious and expensive, and according to industry expert it is not the best in securing international connectivity.
“There is need for technology like ours which mitigates and prevents a service outage during attacks so that the customers’ international broadband service is unaffected by an attack and service continuity is ensured, and we thing this is the way to go for the industry,” Mr Farachi told Daily Monitor.
A report by the Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre compiled during a Cyber security Capacity Review held in Uganda last year, indicated that many businesses and industries have minimal recognition of the need for creating a cyber-security mind-set in the work or business environment.
This is despite the majority of employees in business and industry understanding the risks and threats that the digital platform presents.
“The private sector is increasingly becoming more aware of the need for cyber security but usually it’s only a handful of people in the organisation who might be focusing on or driving Cyber security issues,” reads the report, in part.