Monday February 29 2016

NWSC starts water rationing in Arua


Arua. The long dry spells in the sub region has forced National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) to resort to water rationing following the drop in water levels of River Enyau, their main water source.
However, the move has not gone down well for many consumers majority of whom hotel operators and local residents who hardily have any alternatives.

Mr Uthman Dralega, a resident of Old Bus Park cell in Arua Municipality said the water body is aware of the recurrent water crisis every year during the same season but has not taken adequate steps to address the problem.
“I am aware of the ongoing upgrading of the water supply systems but it should not mean that our taps should run dry, there should be alternatives especially in urban areas where we don’t have boreholes and wells,” Mr Dralega said.

The area engineer NWSC, Mr Lambert Tabu, acknowledged challenges in the water supply but attributed it to less flows into River Enyau. “What we are doing is to try and ration water to ensure that there is some water for all meaning that some supply areas will receive one day and the other receives the other day such that we have water for all not water for some,” Mr Tabu explained.

He encouraged locals to have reservoirs in the event that the water comes late but said the situation will improve if rains fall.
Ms Rose Mary Cakuru, a resident on Avenue Road also wondered why the corporation was supplying water at odd hours when the rest of the people are sleeping.
The wells which locals used to turn to for alternatives, have also dried up while the only usable boreholes are condemned by municipal authorities for not being safe for consumption.

Capacity boost
There is ongoing upgrading of the water and sewerage system in Arua using a Shs70 billion World Bank loan which will also see a boost in the current three million litres of water produced per day to 12 million.