New Internet cable rolled out

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By Frederic Musisi

Posted  Wednesday, February 13  2013 at  02:00

In Summary

The new fibre cable at the Katuna border point will enhance internet speed to 100mbps.



Ugandan Internet users should brace themselves for improved browsing speeds, thanks to a new fibre cable at Katuna.

The cable at Katuna- the Uganda/Rwanda border point, was commissioned last Friday by MTN Uganda, to enhance bandwidth speed to 100 Mbps.

The 600-Kilometre fibre cable from Kampala to Katuna will act as a back-up plan to the cable route via the Mombasa sea port that has suffered interruptions and other unexplained volatilities in the recent past. The fibre connection that stretches out to Rwanda en route to Dar es Salaam is timely as the company responds to a growing demand, partly fuelled by consumers’ growing appreciation of the Internet connectivity.

Mr Mazen Mroue, the country’s subsidiary CEO, noted that the system would have a positive impact on the future of Uganda’s ICT and improve connectivity with the neighbouring countries to the East African sub-marine cables at Mombasa and the rest of the world. “In the past, MTN has made backhaul links expansion to the Mombasa submarine cables. This has enabled connectivity with the rest of the world,” Mr Mroue said.

ICT minister, Rukahana Rugunda, said the government would concentrate on ensuring Internet affordability and security through policies in the pipeline.