URA in tax education to boost revenue collection

Rumanyika said the campaigns have prevented taxpayer exploitation in the wake of the new tax measures



Lira. Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) says it has embarked on awareness campaigns across the country to equip taxpayers with information about tax measures.
In an interview with Daily Monitor on Tuesday, URA manager public and corporate affairs Ian Rumanyika said the campaigns have prevented taxpayer exploitation in the wake of the new tax measures.
“We have customised tax education according to the needs of the tax payers; students from all school levels. So our tax education is customised for the needs of every audience that needs our services”
Mr Rumanyika said tax education is being carried out at regional level, in all the 75 stations countrywide since the stations have duties to carry out tax education.
“There are programmes like tax clinics, tax Barraza, and tax workshops and many others. We do those outreaches and customise them accordingly,” he said.
He said they are also doing radio talk shows for those tax payers who cannot reach the venues of their workshops.
“We centralise the tax education because representatives in those stations are mandated to carry out tax education,” Mr Rumanyika said, noting that these quarter, the tax body is also planning to carry out tax payer’s education to the manufacturing sector.
According to him, URA has witnessed a greater expansion of its tax base because people are beginning to understand their tax obligations and tax rights.
He said if the public are aware of their obligations and tax measures, pay taxes voluntarily, something he said can ease implementation of tax policies. “You know when people become aware of their rights and obligations, they start to do things voluntarily; revenue collection is improving because people know their obligations now,” said Mr Rumanyika.
Recently, Southern and Eastern African Trade Information and Negotiations Institute engaged the media considering that they play a pivotal role in disseminating information to the public, and also to strengthen their oversight and reporting on tax policies and practices.

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