Tuesday April 29 2014

Entebbe, Estonian agency to construct tourism centre

By Martin Ssebuyira

Entebbe Municipal Council, in partnership with the Estonian foreign ministry, has started drafting plans of setting up a tourism information centre to market Entebbe and Uganda as key tourism destinations.

Mr Kalle Sepp, a board member of Tallin Development and training Centre in Estonia, said Uganda is such a beautiful country but people still keep its beauty a ‘secret’.

“Uganda gets $1.6million (about Shs3.02 billion) from tourism per year while Estonia earns $2.6million (about Shs4.03 billion) yet we do not have the beautiful amenities that Uganda has,” he said.

He added that tourists coming to Uganda find it a problem because there are no clear websites describing Uganda.

“Some websites only talk about mountain gorillas and national parks yet Uganda has quite many things that can impress tourists,” he added.
The mayor of Entebbe Town, Mr Vincent De-Paul Kayanja, said the information centre will optimise the positive destination experience and economic value of visits by providing information on what to see and do in Entebbe and Uganda.

“It will have frequent topics of interest: like map of Entebbe, transportation, attractions & museums, sightseeing tours, accommodation facilities, cultural events, dining & wining, shopping and general information about Entebbe,” he said.

He said the Uganda Wildife Educational centre has already identified a professional to man the centre and secured a location where the facility will be set up.