Friday February 7 2014

German firm to train farmers in productivity

By Martin Ssebuyira


A German company has developed an ultra-modern mobile training unit to help small holder farmers in Uganda improve their livelihood through increased productivity, proper post-harvest handling and improved market access.
The Shs52.5 million unit, which also has a soil testing laboratory, will be used to mobilise people, present documentaries of successful farmer stories for small holder farmers to borrow a leaf.

“The training will address all kinds of aspects right from seed density, crop nutrition, crop protection to post harvesting and marketing,” said Mr Hern Bauz, the area coordinator K+S Kali, the company that developed the unit.
He said three kinds of demonstration plots; one with usual farmer’s practice, another with half technology and a third with full technology will be set up to teach selected farmers practices that they will pass on to 10 other small holder farmers.

He added that by the end of the three-year project, about 50,000 farmers in pilot projects in Apac and Dokolo would have been trained.
Dr Roselline Nyamutale, the Sasakawa – Global 2000 country director, said that soil testing will help in assessing deficient nutrients and fertilizer requirements to assist farmers accordingly.

“This innovation will not only reach out to farmers on improved agricultural practices, post-harvest handling and agro processing, storage and product marketing but will also attract the youth through its methodology of training using videos among other methods,” she said.