Tuesday February 6 2018

Logistics industry players venture into Oil and Gas sector


With commercial production of oil and gas expected in a matter of years, it is no coincidence that several economic sector players are positioning themselves to partake the opportunity that the country’s oil resource is set to unveil.

Logistics and shipping industry players are one such actors that are looking to tap into the opportunities that Uganda’s oil and gas sector will provide.

Business opportunities for such industry players will start pouring in even before  the oil tap begin to flow in few years to come, if the government timelines are anything to go by with.

And its seems that already some players are ready to do business. Express Shipping and Logistics (EA) Limited, is one such regional company that is rearing to go after setting up shop in the country last week.

Besides providing employment to Ugandans, the management team of the logistics and shipping company said earlier in Kampala in a news conference that it is important for the region to retain as much money within the partner states than having it shipped elsewhere. This is because the economy of the region will partly grow, depending on how much resources (including foreign exchange) they are able to retain within the member states.  

While launching their offices in Kampala last week, the Managing Director of Express Shipping and Logistics, Mr Silvester Katuta said: “ The Oil and gas industry is one of the sectors we are looking out for as we launch into the Ugandan Market.”

“He continued: “ We are looking to this sector (oil and gas sector) because it’s not only new but we have some experience in it already.  We have shipped related cargos for the industry under previous project in the region before, it’s a service we want to offer to here as well.,”

As a regional company, they want nothing less than conducting their assignment with utmost professionalism for they are here for a long haul.

Apart from Oil and Gas, the company will offer shipping services and logistical services to all traders in Uganda including the smallest importer and exporter.