Monday July 4 2016

Media buyers get new tricks

By Jonathan Adengo

Kampala. “Right media, right people, right time, that’s the heart of the science to media buying,” says John Muthee, vice president, business development at Mobile Accord, GeoPoll.
In a world that has become a global village, CEOs, marketers and media managers are often worried about the right channels and media to advance their brand and agenda. But to get it right, they were tipped on how to get the right media, people and time during the art of media buying at the inaugural media buying conference organised by NTV, a Nation Media Group subsidiary.
The conference, which featured seasoned media practitioners across the divide, deliberated on some of the key challenges facing media buying today and how companies can reorganise media buying to build their brands.

According to Uganda Communications Commission, the Uganda media and broadcasting industry comprises more than 200 radio stations, 56 television stations, and about 12 newspapers that are constantly being disrupted by online and social media platforms. With the impact of digital migration, statistics project that Uganda will have more than 500 television stations by 2030.
Ms Neema Wamai, the media director CT at Ipsos Kenya, in her keynote address said the future of advertising is in digital and experiential marketing.
To succeed in today’s media landscape, media buyers were advised to understand how people connect with brands and how they connect to media.

Mr Tony Glencross, the Monitor Publications Limited managing director, said you need to know the kind of relationship you are establishing with your consumer when buying media.
Ms Seanice Logede, the CEO Bluflamingo, a digital public relations firms, says “…to have a pulse on your customers, a digital approach is the main presentation for today. She advised media managers to get out of their comfort zones, allow mobile and improve user experience to be able to track everything on their digital platforms.
Meanwhile, NTV managing director Ms Aggie Konde, announced the launch of a new mobile app, VIDTV. VIDTV has been developed by Nation Media Group and allows the public to watch TV off their mobile phones, and also access a variety of TV channels across the Nation platform in East Africa at their convenience.