New fuel products to help motorists cut costs during festivities

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By  Stephen Otage & Jude Katende

Posted  Thursday, December 5   2013 at  02:00

KAMPALA- Vivo Energy, distributors of Shell branded fuels and lubricants, recently launched two new products, Shell Fuel Save Unleaded and diesel to help people save on fuel money as the festive season gets close.

Mr Paul Kaganzi, the Shell Fuel Save ambassador for awareness, said the products have detergent additives that improve engine performance and save customers lots of money.

“The new additives prevent buildup of deposits on petrol engine valves which absorb and waste fuel. Deposits which accumulate in diesel injector nozzles prevent even spray of diesel into the combustion chamber. This prevents instant ignition and leads to wastage of unburnt fuel. Fuel Save diesel prevents this development,” he said last week.

At the upcountry activations, drivers said the product provides instant ignition.