Tuesday July 3 2018

Team up with big suppliers

Team up with big suppliers

Workers on a site. Local suppliers should improve their ability to compete for large scale projects. FILE PHOTO  

By Sarah Aanyu

Local suppliers are sometimes looked at as either incapable or a capable team that will delay work they will be required to execute.

This is pegged on the number of workers they have or income security they must put at stake to compete for a bid.
Local suppliers are at times marginalised in the procurement sector because they are in most cases small, their products and output are under looked.

Procurement could be the only way to save them from being ignored because their platforms are open to any supplier as long as they prove their capability in handling the project.

According to Mr Simeon Wanyama, the chairman of the board at Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority, (PPDA) local suppliers should improve their ability to compete for large scale projects.
“There is no way a bigger firm will compete for a bid with all the necessary requirements and be ignored just because they want to give a chance to a local supplier,” says Mr Wanyama.
He advises local businesses to consider collaborating with big suppliers to acquire experience in executing large scale projects.

Mr Patrick Ebil, a procurement officer, encourages local suppliers to try their luck in bidding processes because of the numerous lessons they can pick along the way.

Local suppliers should be knowledgeable about bid which have preference for them in order to compete.