Tuesday April 2 2013

Understanding the Google, Android acquisition deal

By Monitor Correspondent, Nairobi

Why Google acquired Android. Google acquired Android because it is easy and fast to access the web as well as its ability to provide consumers with a wide choice of smart devices.
Phone and tablet manufacturers who use Android.

Android is open source and can be freely downloaded and used by anyone. There are hundreds of Android devices in the market, delivered by a global partnership network of around 58 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and more than 329 carriers in 169 countries.

How Google benefits from Android. Android devices provide such a great web browsing experience, which means that users tend to perform more searches, and that in turn creates more revenue opportunities for Google.

Estimated number of applications available at Google Play. In September, they stood at more than 25 billion apps [downloaded from Google Play worldwide]. There are currently more than 700,000 apps and games available on Google Play.
Opportunities for techies to earn from the apps store.

App developers make money from in-app ads, paid app sales, and in-app sales. The Google in-app advertising business is competitive and doing very well, which obviously helps developers and gives people a great opportunity to build and sell locally relevant apps and services.

Android as a key to helping revenue growth for Google through AdMob
As more people use Android-powered devices, the number of people accessing and searching the web from their mobile phones increases.

And increased Android adoption means more web searches and more opportunities for advertising revenue and growth.