Tuesday February 9 2016

Don’t wait for death to overtake civil servants, pensioners

By James Abola

Double jeopardy is spending your working life earning peanuts and then after retirement going for months without getting the monthly pension payment as the responsible government ministries maintain a tight lip.
Prior to the 2011 national election, I wrote that while there had been an impressive growth in the pay-out rate to the so-called political heads and elected representatives, the pay-out for the technical people who are the real human asset in government had remained very low. Five years later, that bad situation has not changed for the better.

If there is anything that has changed in the last five years, it is the inequity in pay between different workers handling similar functions. One manager is paid Shs40 million per month while another is paid less than one tenth that amount. In the private sector, progressive managers value human assets and that value is reflected in the wages paid to workers.
It is disingenuous to claim that there is no money to fund decent pay for civil servants and go on to increase both the numbers and amounts paid to political supervisors. It is not morally acceptable to complain about absentee medical doctors or absentee school teachers and continue to pay less than living wages.

Let us pay government workers a decent wage and then hold them accountable for results. Otherwise if we continue to pay them peanuts then we have no basis to complain about the monkey service we get in return. Whether you are the candidate for Change is Coming or Steady Progress or Go Forward; when you go through the forthcoming election, pay heed to the welfare of government workers if you are serious about service delivery.

James Abola is the Team Leader of Akamai Global, a business and finance consulting firm. Email: james.abola@akamaiglobal.co.uk