Sunday October 29 2017

Online registering for tax identification number is taxing

By Nelson Wesonga


Workers registering online for Tax Identifications Numbers (TINs) describe the exercise as frustrating.

Particulars to be entered in the TIN MS Excel registration form include one’s name, parents’ names and one’s address – to which URA will send the number.

Further, one has to provide their mobile phone contact, date as well as place of birth, marital status and why he or she needs the TIN and identification documents.

Many workers who have gone through the process are now and then get a default message that says “Error found! Please check ‘Error’ Sheet for error”.

But even after they ‘check’ and fix the gap, and ‘proceed’ to the next page, the default message pops.

“Filling in URA TIN Form Is like Doing an Exam in Quantum Physics,” Timothy Bukumunhe, a taxpayer, tweeted on October 28.

Some now say that they will go to Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) offices for assistance.

“The only hassle while at the URA offices will be the queues,” one taxpayer told the DailyMonitor.

Yet others, who tried to register over one week, are considering “taking a break”.

TINs are required for taxation.

Employees who will not have registered and got TINs by the end of November might not get their salaries.

Many employees have been paying tax through their employers.

URA has in the past said to promote accountability, employers should ensure all employees register for TINs.

According to URA, one needs a TIN to import or export goods, to claim tax refunds – where they are due, to access bank loans of over Shs50 million, to acquire a trading license, to register a motor vehicle and to process land transactions above Shs50 million.