Thursday February 22 2018

UNAA online accounts hacked, new leader announced

Monday Atigo

Monday Atigo  

By Agencies


In a new twist of events, the Ugandans in North America Association (UNAA) diaspora organization has had their accounts hacked and data base hijacked. 

With the hacking, the profile of the president, Monday Atigo was replaced with rival Daniel Busuulwa Kawuma whom Atigo accuses of declaring himself president without following the due process. 

Also hacked is the Associations twitter account that has already announced Daniel Kawuma as new the president. 

“Dear UNAA members, the UNAA executive would like to inform all members that the UNAA twitter account was hacked by Mr Brian Kwesiga on Wednesday Feb 14 and no longer under the control of the UNAA secretariat,” a statement from Mr Atigo reads in part. 

“That same day his team managed to get access to the UNAA website. They removed the Elected Executive Secretary who is responsible for running UNAA marketing channels and put Mr Timothy Gaburungyi who should not have access to the website. We managed to get the website back but they took it over yesterday, I was informed that I am not longer administrator,” the statement continues. 

However, Mr Kwesiga denied any hacking into the UNAA website. 

“Mr Atigo and his people are only trying to be dishonest and playing games,” Kwesiga said before referring us to the UNAA constitution on the roles of the Board of Trustees who he claimed could have Atigo’s answers. 

The UNAA constitution gives the Board of trustees Powers and responsibilities to;

provide oversight over the Executive Committee of the Association, be the custodians of the history, records, mission and purpose of UNAA, be the guardians and interpreters of the Constitution of UNAA, ensure that all elected representatives and leaders are accountable to the members of the Association and act as arbiters in conflicts between the Association‘s organs or among the Association‘s leaders and members. 

Mr Daniel Kawuma on Saturday swore oath of President for UNAA in Boston having won a controversial online poll to replace Monday Atigo who refused to participate in the polls calling them illegal.

Mr Kawuma won the elections with overwhelming majority while his rival Atigo was away in Uganda to fundraise for the association through meetings in his presidential capacity.

The genesis of the Kawuma-Atigo fracas emanated from elections in Miami last year in which the later trounced the former by 23 votes. However, Kawuma dashed to the Board of Trustees asking for repeat polls citing irregularities.

However, the two groups disagreed on the date to conduct a rerun with Kawuma and the board urging for 90days after nullification. Meanwhile Atigo, UNAA Council, and the EC commissioners wanted to have the election during the convention in Seattle in September.

As a result, the two groups fell out, with Atigo labelling the Buwembo led board as illegal and in turn Buwembo and group calling Atigo illegal.

Atigo then declined taking part in the polls, and so did most members of the EC, but the board insisted on carrying out elections under the guidance of EC chairman Franco Wantsala.

The result of the polls declared Kawuma winner.

This comes at the time when the same association is bickering over the misuse of funds from the Ugandan government to the amount of Shs360m ($100,000) annually.