Wednesday June 20 2012

Ubos expands statistical collection

By Martin Luther Oketch

Following increasing demand for statistics, Uganda Bureau of Statistics (Ubos) has expanded and updated statistical collection in various sectors of the economy to update government on what is happening in various sectors of the economy.
This expansion—the fourth since inception, will help policy makers design the correct strategies and statistics users to understand each sector’s Gross Domestic Product contribution, among others.

Presenting the items that have been included in the fourth edition of compendium during the launch of the new publication on Monday, the director statistical co-ordination services at Uganda Bureau of Statistic, Ms Norah Madya, said as the lead co-ordinating agency of the National Statistical System (NSS), the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) is responsible for promoting standardisation in the production and publication of statistics, to ensure quality, adequacy of coverage and reliability of statistical information.

“The fourth edition of the compendium is an effective tool that facilitates harmonisation of, sector-wide adoption and use of standard statistical concepts and definitions, frequently used in the NSS. It is a living document that will be updated every four years. The fourth edition being launched today will be in use up to 2016, after which a new one will again be provided,” she said.

Explaining the reason behind the compedium, Ms Madya said that it will prevent misinterpretation of statistical information in data collection, processing, analysis reporting and dissemination.