NMS is committed to effectively and efficiently supply essential and Health supplies to all Public Health Facilities in Uganda.
    Amref Health Africa in Uganda has organized a Fundraising Gala Dinner on October 7th 2015, at Kampala Serena Hotel to support the training of midwives in Uganda under the Stand Up for African Mothers Campaign. The event will be officiated by the First Lady of Uganda, Hon.Janet Museveni and will be attended by over 400 high profile guests coming together for an evening of Solidarity to better health of Ugandan mothers and newborns under the Theme; “Save a Mother, Save a Newborn, Build a Nation”.
  • FAO: Launching of strategic livestock vaccinations in support of improved livelihoods and resilience in Karamoja
    Karamoja region is fundamentally a rangeland, characterised by prolonged dry spells and erratic rainfall pattern. The region is generally characterized by poor rainfall distribution and reliability manifested through prolonged dry spells and flash floods. The magnitude, frequency and severity of these hazards have increased over the past decades seriously eroding the productive assets and traditional coping capacities that support livelihoods
  • FAO: Concerted effort in the fight against Maize Lethal Necrosis
    The Maize Lethal Necrosis disease is a new devastating maize disease. It is caused by two viruses namely Maize Chlorotic Mottle virus (MCMV) and the sugar cane mosaic virus (SCMV), which combine to attack the maize crop. The double infection of MCMV and SCMV or any of the cereal viruses like Maize dwarf mosaic virus or Wheat streak mosaic virus gives rise to what is known as maize lethal necrosis disease (MLND). These two viruses have been in existence, due to climatic changes and other natural calamities forcing the two to meet and co-infect the crop together making it more disastrous.


  • CARITAS UGANDA: Local Government in Teso-Karamoja loses billions as a result of Climate Change Dosasters.
    In a study carried out by Caritas Uganda in partnership with Caritas Soroti, TPO-Uganda, Caritas Moroto and Ecological Christian Organisation with support from Cordaid “to establish economic loses climate change disasters have caused to the local government interventions” in the 5 Districts of Amuria, Katakwi, and Napak, Moroto, Nakapiripirit in Teso and Karamoja respectively, climate-related disasters especially floods and drought have caused damages such as: destruction of infrastructure; destruction of crops and livestock; displacement of people; death of people; destruction of people dwelling and property; and disruption of economic activities in the sub-regions.

  • UGANDA POLICE FORCE: Condolence Message!
    The Uganda police force, Inspector General of police and staff wish to express their deep sorrow for the untimely death of our comrade and friend, the late Gen. Aronda Nyakairima who passed away on 12 September 2015