• CARITAS UGANDA: Prioritizing on disaster risk mitigation and adaptation in planning and budgeting; a crucial driving force for sustainable development of our nation
    Climate change induced hazards and impacts are on the rise in Uganda posing a grave challenge to the country’s development consequently eroding the survival, dignity and livelihood of citizens, particularly the poor. It’s evident that Climate change impacts and actions in one region can have an impact on risks in another region and vice versa. Over the recent years, the country has witnessed an increase in frequency and severity of natural hazards such as droughts, hailstorms, floods and landslides, which have had serious implications on food security, health, and overall economic development.
  • Citi Scoops Multiple awards in the Euromoney cash Management Survey 2014
    Citi was selected as winner in 20 categories in the Euromoney Cash Management curvey, many of which were repoeatrs of the 2013 Edition Citi emerged tops in the Euromoney Cash Managem,ent Survey 2014 in the non FI and FI Survey. Citi Uganda was selected as Best Cash Manager in Uganda. These prestigious awards are a direct result of our clients’ Votes, and we wish to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support.