Wednesday February 12 2014

Background :How the relationship between radio and fans’ club works

By Freddie Kakembo

It is because of the fans that the radio still exists; they play a big role in reaching out to people and convincing them to listen in. The more people tune in, the more the fan base grows.
The coordination flows in the way that when our fans have something, they contact us and when we need to do something, we contact them through their leaders who mobilise them before we reach on the ground.

In the same way, if they want to advertise or announce something, they contact me about it. The radio offers them free announcements, as well as connecting them to customers in case they have something for sale.

People and places
We not only connect them to customers but also provide market to their products as we also buy from them.
During the radio events, it is the fans that help us to identify the individuals who can be of help and places where to hold such events.

This is because they know more than we do; they are always on the ground.
The fans through their president or vice president communicate to me about the areas and where we need to improve. That is from the fan’s perspective.
We can never know where the signals are not clear but it is the fans that report for the problem to be rectified.

The radio also helps to provide professionals who train the fans on the best way to carry out their projects such as how to start up business, how to save money, among other things.
Sometimes, we get successful individuals in different fields to share knowledge of how they did it. In this, we intend to empower them to be self-reliant.

The fans have a committee chaired by their president, Haji Twaha Mpanga and it is after coming up with a resolution from their meetings that they contact the radio station through me, to forward their message to the top managers. It could be for help, it could be financial facilitation or anything.
From the radio station, I contact the president, vice president or the secretary for anything.

Exchange of ideas
On the other hand, we also give the fans chance to know and interact directly with the presenters on personal basis by inviting them to the station. And then, during the radio-fans meetings, we get to learn a lot from the ideas they share.
For instance, we have set up small businesses to supplement our salaries from the ideas our fans share.