Wednesday June 11 2014

Flower farm starts campaign to make Nkumba a fruit village

By Martin Ssebuyira

In a bid to promote the communities around it, Wagagai flower farm has initiated a campaign to make Nkumba a fruit village, and turn it into one of the leading suppliers of fruits in Uganda.

The campaign, according to Joseph Balondemu, Wagagai’s human resources manager, will ensure that every household can have between five and 20 fruit trees.

“We have begun by distributing 15,000 fruit seedlings and hope to do this every season if it becomes a success,” he said.

Ensure production
He disclosed that they have a team working with the local leaders to ensure that the trees are given to people with land to plant them, and the ability to look after them.

Pim de Witte, the managing director, said that Nkumba was a fruit-growing village, but the population growth has had pressure on trees in the area. “We felt obliged to restore the glory of Nkumba by ensuring every family can produce fruits for both domestic consumption and sale,” he said.

He said they are working with an environment assessment consultant, who will carry out a study to see whether the trees can grow and their impact on the environment before distributing the seedlings.
Augustine Mulumba Lumala, chairman, Nkumba Bufulu parish, said all people receiving the seedlings will first sign for them as a commitment. Failure to do so would be chastised and they would be required to buy a new seedling and give to one who can care for it.