Kyambura women brewing hope in a coffee cup

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Kyambura women brewing hope in a coffee cup

The women’s cooperative focuses on improving the quality of their coffee to gain recognition for their brand in the market. Photo by Rebecca Vassie. 

By Rebecca Vassie

Posted  Tuesday, April 2   2013 at  22:00

In Summary

Though some of the women are living with HIV, this has not made them lose hope for a better life. A community-based initiative has given them the means of earning a livelihood from the coffee in their gardens.

Because of the high quality of the product, the VSPT pays the co-op 60 per cent more per kilo than they could fetch in the local market. The Trust then handles the marketing and sales of the coffee to recoup their cost. All proceeds from sales go back to the co-op and processing centre.

The Trust is also providing the group – most of whom cannot read or write – with financial management training with the aim that they will one day be able to manage all the marketing and sales autonomous of the Trust.

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