Wednesday March 5 2014

ON THE FARM: Benefits of the Kuroiler chicken

Kuroiler have the advantage of being able to scavenge for their food.

Kuroiler have the advantage of being able to scavenge for their food. PHOTO BY ABUBAKER LUBOWA 

Rearing Kuroilers has several benefits. These are:
The hens can lay eggs for over two years. So you can start with a thousand and end up with thousands.

These birds are scavengers and can eat anything. We give them leftover foods from markets, schools, and waste products from the breweries.
They can survive on any food. Their beaks enable them to eat anything. They can tear through potatoes, cassava, leaves, among others.

The outstanding factor is that they can eat the conventional feeds as well as scavenge for their food. For instance, especially when maize is in short supply, the price of feeds also goes up. However if you have the Kuroilers, you can just let them out, and they will hunt for their own food, and they will survive.

Kuroiler chicken are able to survive in any condition in Uganda. If well vaccinated, this chicken breed can be able to resist a number of illnesses.
They are roosters, so you do not need to build an expensive chicken coop. As long as you have a roof, whether it is metal, or grass, it is enough to house your chicken. Then you can add a wire mesh for the walls.

With this breed, you can start with a minimum amount of money, and then maximise the profit when it starts laying eggs.