Wednesday June 4 2014

What readers should expect at farm clinic


As part of the series leading to the Farm Clinic on June 14, which will focus on goat farming, This article covers what the farm clinic is about.

If you aspire to rear goats for an extra income or wish to acquire knowledge about goats and their products, then the Farm Clinic at Katende Harambe Rural-Urban Training Centre in Namungongo is where you ought to be on June 14.

Organised by Monitor Publications Ltd in partnership with Katende Harambe, it is set to guide participants on how to start a goat farm, rear goats and where to sell the goat products. This theme was chosen in consideration of those who wish to venture into agriculture but barely have a clue where to start from.

What to expect
According to Allan Sempala, the brand activations supervisor, MPL, this year’s farm clinic will focus on three main areas namely: goat rearing, market opportunities and value addition to goat products like milk.

Under goat rearing, one will be trained on how to start a goat farm on an areas as small as a quarter of an acre, housing, feeding and in all other aspects that are entailed under goat farming. “After teaching people how to breed, shelter and rear the goats, we shall tell them where the markets are,” states Sempala
Thirdly, one will be trained on how they can add value to the products like goat milk.

At the end of the farm clinic, one will be in position to start rearing international breeds of goats because they will have enough contacts and advice on aspects like standards required by Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) and tax regulations that apply to goat farmers.

Motivate, inspire, guide
In addition, participants will have a chance to tour the training centre to see demonstrations of other activities that are carried out on the farm.

To get to the farm clinic, one is required to pay a fee of Shs50,000 which will cover lunch, transport from the MPL offices to and from the farm and the one-day training.

“As Monitor Publications, we have committed ourselves to motivate, inspire and guide our readers to start something to better their lives,” says Aaron Aguma, marketing manager, MPL.
On the other hand, Sempala confidently says there are several farm clinics yet to come with differing themes not only on rearing livestock but on crop growing as well.

Departure time from Monitor Publications offices in Namuwongo on June 14 will be 8am.